I'm Sorry I Opened My Mouth​/​Heart

by Cody Smith

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"a collection of recordings I did with my good friend, Jason Koster, on the evening of december eighteenth twenty-fifteen on his iphone. these songs are old and new, written from all different periods of my life (including one that I had forgotten about that isn't even finished yet) that I just wanted to do something with, I don't know where they will end up or if I will pursuit them any longer, but I wanted to have them out there."


released December 20, 2015

Cody Smith - Guitar / Piano / Vocals
Jason Koster - Drums



all rights reserved


Warped Your Records Tucson, Arizona

voiceless voice of the voiceless

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Track Name: Carousel
round and round and round
snow cone melodies
safe and sound
coloured flashing lights
singing bells
sugar memories
cotton clouds

we will fall just like the rest
'cause I feel just like you
all the time

round and round and round
slow reversing time
scary clowns
white is turning black
blue as well
now you're tasting wine
in a cell
Track Name: Perfume
red lipstick
violet dress
black eyelash
how gorgeous
don't tell dad
mom gets sad
wish I had
what you have
I am the left
I am the right
I am truth
I am the lie
I am the dark
I am the light
I am the death
I am the life
who am I
a sacrament is what you need
paper breasts
old necklace
nail polish
perfume breath
made the jump
jumped the gun
Track Name: Song For Sammy Hayes
Dear Ms. Sammy, is it true
I heard that you were a movie star
and that you when only two could drive a car
I remember when we met after our set, we shot the shit
how could I ever forget my punk rock friend
and I wish you the best
and that you smile until you're dead

It's so fun to be here with you, see the sun kissing the moon

I see you've found yourself a friend
what's his name again?
he seems alright
Farmer boy who enjoys the noise that loud nights provide
On a Peterborough roof
Peterborough shrooms fucked me up
On a hill in Chesterville we all hugged
Track Name: All I've Got
you are All that I've got
Track Name: Broken Symmetry
is that wrong
and you could come along with me
and all your memories

special kind of blindness
special kind of kindness
like a soft disease
we share our silence
that's okay with me
never too excited
never quite asleep

disregard the noises
that disturb your peace
disembodied voices
resonate with me
let me be your poison
and your remedy
imagery distorted
broken symmetry

I feel guilty of everything
am I guilty of anything
Track Name: untitled/unfinished
anybody you can save
even for just one night
as long as everyone's okay
everything will be alright
I just wanna keep you safe
I just wanna make you smile
I really really really want you to stay
even for a little while
I'm slipping through the cracks of your hands
appearing as a tear in your eye
I need you to understand
you were never meant to cry
please don't try to hide again
you're always so hard to find
you ask me what our purpose is
everything was born to die